Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa avails itself of a team of able, expert and experienced professionals
willing to assist and reaching a specific aim: providing the vastest range
of specialist real estate services aimed at the final success of our clients’ business initiatives.



Every year Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa manages the promotion for the sale or rental of important industrial, logistic management and commercial properties.

Our experts are able to provide a personalised service insuring that the client optimised its interest.

Our services are aimed at companies and investors interested in selling or optimize rentals of the real estate.

Such services include a preliminary technical-business analysis of the property, assessing a price and the optimum strategy for the sale thereof.

For the entire period of the mandate, Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa remains in constant contact with the client and keeps the client updated on all expects of what is being done, including where necessary, a change in business strategy.



Lombardia immobili d’impresa provides consultancy activities and assistance for the research and the purchase of real estate properties addressed to new corporate headquarters for direct utilization or investment.                

Such consultation is effected through specific actions:

  • defining the requirements of the user or investor
  • preparation of a plan and act on finding the best solution available on the market from all aspects including other alternatives for the purchase or rental
  • proposal of the optimal solution to be taken into consideration taking into account the clients requirements and what is available on the market

Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa assists its client in the finalisation of purchase or rental contracts, from the introductory stages up to the final agreement providing professional assistance in all aspects of the transaction, be they technical, urbanistic, legal or taxation issues.

The valuation service of Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa is addressed to all real estate operators, financials, production chains, real estate funds, SGR and all who need to ensure or control a real estate value or a real estate portfolio.

Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa is specialized in real estate assessments, territories, areas, single buildings or parts thereof or the respective sectors and typologies:

  • industrial real estate
  • logistics properties
  • directional real estate and offices
  • commercial real estate and retail parks

In the course of its forty years business history, Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa have assisted and cooperated with curators and judicial officers involved in the disposal of immovable assets and repossessed property of banks, leasing companies and financial institutions by providing specialised services.

More particularly Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa, can provide the following services:

  • real estate evaluation
  • seeking purchasers for auctions or private negotiations
  • assistance to the negotiations
  • auction facilitations
  • handling all aspects of negotiations
  • assisting purchasers in formulating and procedural aspects of auction bidding

Lombardia Immobili d'Impresa boasts consolidated collaborations with many subjects operating in the "Non Performing Loans" real estate sector:

  • Aquileia Capital Services S.r.l.
  • Cerved Group
  • Credito Fondiario
  • DoValue
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Provis Gruppo Intrum
  • Link Group Asset Services
  • Neprix
  • Prelios
  • Sistemia
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