Established in 1981, Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa is one of the most important companies specializing in the field of intermediation and consultancy in the industrial real estate sector: industrial properties, logistical platforms, management real estate, retail estate and the like.


Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa uses the services of a group of professionals with consolidated experience and proven track record and coordinates a network of specialized collaborators operating in the most important industrialized areas in the north of Italy. Strong points, consolidated by an experience gained in forty years of activity are:

  • a profound knowledge of the territory and its industrial fabric
  • an unmatched ability to analyse and overcome problem areas according to the client requirements.
  • legal, urbanistic and technical competences in industrial and commercial real estate sector.

We provide our clients with a system of integrated operational services able to globally face and overcome any operational and organizational phases regarding:

  • acquisition, management and selling of industrial, logistic and commercial real estate;
  • optimizing to the maximum extent of industrial properties which are no longer required and to be abandoned.


Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa was created to provide real estate services to the business world and in its forty-year history it has professional services to countless, local, national and multinational companies facing realities and ever increasing complex issues which have through the years, characterized the growth and complexity of the Italian business environment.

Set up in 1981, Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa was created to provide specialized reference point which companies could use in their search for industrial and commercial properties. It was a time of grate growth in the Lombardy region and indeed the hole of the northern Italy with thousands of small and medium enterprises determining a radical transformation in the industrial fabric a transfer of operating power from the large cooperation in to the hands of small and medium enterprises.

Subsequently, we experienced the outsourcing phenomenon of production activities and Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa became structured for this type of enterprise: the locating of small-medium real estate.

With the development of the logistic operation, initially as simple where house management and thereafter with the where house management, packaging and forwarding, Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa specialized in finding properties tailor made for these new business realities

With the progressive abandoning of large industrial properties in the outskirts of large cities there arose the possibility of transforming such complexes, often revalued by subdivision in two smaller and more function areas. Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa geared itself to optimize this process in close collaborations and cooperation with leading technicians and urbanists and all the phases required for the commercialisation.

In the last years – characterised by an unprecedented economic crisis - Lombardia Immobili d’Impresa has continued providing its outstanding services to the business world, in fact strengthening its structure, increasing its operation in the retail sector assisting financial institutions and judicial offices in finding buyers for business in difficulties.

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