Varedo – MB


Real estate property, whose intended use is productive, is consisted of:

a main building, that is made up of two-floor warehouse: the ground floor extends for approximately sqm 13.165 with a 7 mt internal height and a 6,7 mt useful height, and the basement extends for approximately sqm 4.000 with three-storey office building for an amount of approximately sqm 5.310;

a built unit is linked to the main building through an awning, which is used as a laboratory and as personnel restroom for approximately sqm 2.610;

a sqm 1.350 warehouse at the ground floor;

furthermore, there are two small houses, which are used as guest house, technical rooms and green areas.

There is the possibility of a lease splitting up in functional lots.

Download brochure-VAREDO-Via-Milano-12.pdf

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